August 2017 is the month for Women!

august 2017 coverMessage from the Editor:

In Theatre Women’s Month is being celebrated by bringing praise to our female playwrights, directors, producers, creators and performers. This issue is packed with the diversity of creations by our nation’s women.

This month we yet again sought out women who excel in live performance because it is important to use the month in which we celebrate Women’s Day to give praise to our female artists who are making waves and still in the making. 

Our Woman’s Month issue includes some of SA’s highly adored from Michelle Botha and  Liezl de Kock and Zinzi Princess Mhlongo who have constantly made SA proud with endless triumphs in theatre. We also look at newcomers and winners of the this year’s Emerging Theatre Director’s Bursary and the layout of the The Playhouse Company’s 21st  Women’s Arts Festival.

The influence of works by females date back to the second half of the 19th century where through their involvement in theatre helped change the dynamic of theatre and they were directly responsible for the rise in its popularity. The more theatre change the more different types of theatre emerged and in its expansion expanded the importance of women in the theatre was also expanded. Leading to the wonderfully varied theatre we see on stage today and there’s no question that women are a major part of theatre today, participating in many different ways.

It was not always an easy path and it’s  quite unfortunate that theatre has historically been unfair to women. Yet the women in theatre prevailed and defied cultural expectations and still today women bring out the best in theatre.

So be sure to show your appreciation this August to the wonderful women of SA Theatre.

 Thank you women of South African Theatre, SATMag salutes you!


Vianney Henry Farmer

The Editor


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