Gay September 2017 is here!

Theatre wins – always!

September 2017 coverNo matter the influence of technology or the strain of finances and not even a lack of theatre goers can break down the essence that makes theatre work: it is perceptible by touch. And in the modern age, queer theatre has become a hot topic!  SA artists have now truly opened the door for more honest portrayals of individuals of the gay community; giving characters weight and depth making their lives and stories matter. Today there still exists some suppression of gay people within SA and our local theatre makers, some featured in this month’s issue, took note of this and started to humanize gay people within their productions. Our September issue focuses on the new era of queer theatre within SA. We chat with young SA actors about portraying gay characters today. We also chat to boundary shifting creative; Quintin Wils about his works of late that depict gayness with a natural quality going beyond building identity; but emphasizing and exploring real people with real lives with honesty  portraying human nature! We also caught up with the sensational team from Vuyani Dance Theatre and have a delightful chat about our country’s theatre. In all our conversations with this month’s artist we see a different side of artists and we gain a greater sense of how they perceive their craft. emphasizing yet again that the unique theatrical quality of SA is surely to grow from strength to strength!


Vianney Henry Farmer

The Editor


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