October 2017 issue is out!

SATMag October 2017 CoverAs the year is coming to a close for most productions and producers are getting ready for a new year of theatre; which some are looking forward to and others are frowning upon.  Because most festivals of 2018 have given artists feedback on whether they will be showcasing at these fests next year. Funders have also made clear what productions they will be supporting and theatres are finalizing their programmes. For most artists this brings great heartache as their works are not accepted, and in most cases this is not the first time their works have been refused or brushed aside. Artists are starting to lose faith in the theatre world because they are not at liberty to fully blossom; they are cast aside and left to swim out of water… Learning to swim out of water is what most SA Artists have done; yet they aren’t praised for their efforts, the load is never lightened and help seems impossible; in this issue we zoom in on some of the hardships artists are still trying to overcome but the factor that greatly dampers the SATheatre spirit is that we are not in favour of each other’s work thus we do not support one another. Mentors have long forgotten to instill the young with knowledge to make SA theatre profound in the eyes of all. Skills are not passed down to see to it that theatre lives on everywhere, thus government, learning institutions and the private sector is reluctant to invest because the industry does not form a unity. In this issue we see, by the journeys of these artists how self believe leads to self-realization. Taking time to invest in one’s creativity and through that enhancing those that surround you could lead to the betterment of the industry. We have Gcebile Dlamini who lives for the enrichment of the Hillbrow community; Anton Luitingh has shaped his career in such a way that he is now giving it all back to the industry with great success as he keeps reaching higher, keeping SA Theatre’s flag waving high! And even in their darkest times these artists kept going and we salute them for keeping SA Theatre alive!


Vianney Henry Farmer

The Editor

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